Chasing the Elephant Podcast


It is always fun and interesting to talk about stocks and the current happenings in the stock market and financial world.  Yale Bock particpates

in a twice a month podcast where investors are interviewed about stocks they are interesting and the financial markets are discussed.  The most recent podcast took place on Thursday, December 22, 2017 at 5:00 PST.   The guest is Galileo Russell, and he discusses the current market situation of Tesla.  Part 2 discusses the whole crypto currency craze and ways to potentially profit from them (not for the faint of heart and certainly you need to research it for yourself)- You can tune in here:


Part 1-


Part 2-


 As it is important to track how these investment recommendations are faring in the market, here is the information on the price the day it was announced, the current price, and the return so far:


Investment Recommendations and Performance
Date Company Price Recommended Current Price Total Return to Date (12/30/2017)
10/19/2017 Cheesecake Factory (CAKE) 43.72 48.18 10.20%
11/2/2017 Microsoft (MSFT) 84.05 85.54 1.77%
11/22/2017 Consolidated Water (CWCO) 13.00 12.60 -3.07%






Investing money in capital markets involves risk and could result in losing money.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Future results are likely to be different from past performance. All equity portfolios involve risk and may lose money. One should research any investment and make sure it is suitable with your objectives, risk tolerance, risk profile, liquidity considerations, tax situation, and anything else pertinent to your financial situation.  All recommendations should be considered within the context and consistent with a diversified group of positions.  Also, attaining or holding the CFA credential in no way suggests performance will be superior than a market index or market return.