Y H & C Investments: A Thoughtful and Sensitive Approach to Managing Money

Money makes the world go round,” is a famous quote which has been used by people all over the globe.  Money is an intimate possession for most people and a great deal of thought should be given about where to invest capital, how the asset allocation is structured, and what percentage of resources should be allocated to specific asset classes. All of these decisions should be decided based on client objectives and constraints.

Y H & C Investments understands that most individuals work extremely hard earning their money and put a high priority on having resources to provide a comfortable life for themselves and their families (e.g. house, car, college education, retirement money). The most important characteristic an individual should possess when having a relationship with an investment adviser is TRUST.  In order to achieve the investment results one wants, it is important to work with an adviser who can determine the desired path and have the discipline to stay the course while facing challenging and volatile markets.